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Estate Sales

We’ve been managing estate sales for 35 years in key states across the USA.  

We take care of everything from start to finish. We inventory, evaluate, tag, style and display all items for sale for each day of the sale, arrange for optimal and secure traffic pattern into and exiting the property, handle all payments, security, and clean up.  

We are of course bonded and insured for any size sale but if additional coverage is needed we are happy to fulfill that request. 

Our estate sales are safe, very orderly, and very secure.  We take security very seriously, and take many steps to insure all items are openly displayed and in clear view of our staff that is positioned in each room to oversee all activity. 

Buyers are not allowed to bring in large tote bags, backpack, or other large carrying devices.  All our rules for buyers are strictly enforced, with no exceptions, to ensure total security on behalf of our clients. 


We are the only estate sale company that offers auction services at no additional charge. 

Specialty items are simply not suitable for an estate sale.  Items such as guns, fine jewelry, fine art, timepieces, and designer items can fetch a much larger return when marketed to buyers and collectors outside the city limits.  With our auction service the world becomes your audience. 

Items that do well at auction include Rolex watches for both men and women, gold jewelry, designer items such as Hermes, Chanel, Louis Vuitton, and art of all types.

We take care of the shipping (paid by the buyer) so there is no additional effort needed by the seller.   


We are also the only estate sale company that offers consignment services as well as lending if needed. 

Our consignment service can be a quick process or a longer term process if the seller prefers to wait for the right buyer rather than the quickest buyer.

As we started off dealing art 35 years ago, then added fine jewelry, guns, and collectibles and collections, we have developed a massive network of buyers, collectors, and investors around the globe that are always interested in opportunities. Sometimes an email blast can result in several offers quickly, and sometimes special marketing and waiting for the perfect buyer is preferred.  Either way, our consignment service is beneficial regardless of anyone’s situation.  The sellers timeline is what sets our pace.

Items typically consigned include guns, fine jewels, collections, collectibles, and rare items.

Full Buyouts

Occasionally there are circumstances where sellers do not have the luxury of time. Probate, emergencies, or family that is out of state are all situations where a quick and full transaction is desired.  This is referred to as a ‘buyout’ or ‘full buyout’.

When this is the case, we will bring in one party to purchase the entire lot all at once. This is a quick and simple method for immediate liquidation. We will also work with local charities if sellers wish to have a portion of their estate donated locally.